Harmony Fire

Harmony is a global fire protection firm with integrated research and development capabilities.

At Harmony we work with clients to design specialist integrated fire detection and suppression solutions to ensure protection of life, assets and business continuity.

Harmony provides a comprehensive design, implementation, delivery and maintenance strategy for high risk environments giving clients a complete end-to end solution with measurable costings.

Born from an entrepreneurial spirit and a desire to do things differently, Harmony was founded in 1976 by a group of fire industry professionals, each brought specialized knowledge, experience and talent to the table to craft a new methodology that continues to challenge the industry status quo.

Since that day, Harmony has grown swiftly. With globally recognized talent collaborating on local projects, we seamlessly unite research, design, project management and delivery to achieve real, measurable results for our clients.  We call it Think Protect Sustain and here’s how it transforms our clients’ experience.

Global Intelligence-led Strategy

Challenges bring our people together to create ideas and better future proof solutions. We partner with clients to ask the hard questions, challenge convention, apply new thinking, from multiple disciplines and perspectives we create solutions for a safer, more effective, and risk adverse business future. Our clients attain the most value from fire systems built on proven globally tested platforms.

Proven, Risk-Free Project Delivery

Together with our clients, we translate our global research into resilient solutions that allow people and businesses to achieve their best in safer, better protected environments. The conventional process of translating system design into a built environment is broken; delays and cost-overruns are almost inevitable and are often borne by the client. Harmony offers a risk-free delivery model, through a seamless and end-to-end integration of design and construction teams. Our projects conform to budget from the onset and, not only meet schedules, but can be delivered faster and with costs controlled at every point.

Mutual Service Partnerships

The days of annual services, system overhauls & emergency repairs are over. Our clients expect more, downtime is unthinkable and system failure could be catastrophic. Agile partnerships built on understanding our clients, deliver better value.  With proactive maintenance plans and scheduled resilience tests the costs are measurable and support teams can build partnerships with mutual trust.

Our People

Our people are at the heart of everything we do: we’re one global team with a fearless sense of possibility and a depth of knowledge that gives us the freedom to challenge convention.

Working hand in hand from a project’s inception, our researchers, designers and engineering professionals inspire each other to craft solutions to the unique challenges of today’s built environment.

We don’t believe in unnecessary hierarchy: our culture is open, collaborative and built on talent and experience that spans the globe.

Our Values

Harmony’s DNA is fresh, energetic, passionate, humble and loyal, with these values inherent in everything that we do – just as the Harmony founders envisioned in 1976.

Sustainability & Well-Being

We design solutions for a safer, more effective, and risk adverse future.

We share our clients’ commitment to the preservation of our natural resources. Our systems balance solution requirements, legal obligations, economic imperatives and environmental stewardship. We believe that strategic solutions which enhance safety not only preserve life and assets but are built around those who interact with these environments every day.

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