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It’s an exciting time at Harmony.

We’re rapidly growing and our commitment to developing employees means that you can shape your own career to whatever you want to be. We’re a passionate bunch and every person has an important role to play. Whether you work out onsite carrying our works or plan the work from the office. We’ve all got different backgrounds, strengths and experiences. But we share the same values. It’s these shared values that bring us together as one team. If you share our values and want to make a difference, you’ll fit right in. Plus, we offer an extensive range of perks! Interested?
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What's it like to work here?

When you’re an innovation led company that’s spent the last 40 years going out of its way to recruit the most intelligent, innovative, talented people on Earth, telling them to sit at a desk and do what they’re told obliterates 99 percent of their value. We want innovators, and that means maintaining an environment where they will flourish.

Sometimes things around the office can seem a little too good to be true. If you find yourself walking down the hall one morning with a bowl of fresh fruit and a freshly ground expresso after a workout at the local gym don’t freak out. All these things are for you to use. And don’t worry that somebody’s going to judge you for taking advantage of it—relax! And if you stop on the way back from the kitchen to play darts or a game of table tennis or whatever, it’s not a sign that this place is going to come crumbling down like some 2007 era debt ridden bank. It’s the same for our remote workers to whether it’s stopping by at Starbucks on your way to your first visit or heading down to the local pool for a swim after a long day and waving your company membership card at the receptionist, these things were meant for you to use.

Our working environment
Forget drab, dull and boring. We’re all about creating an environment to inspire and get the best out of the team from having a quick game of pool whilst your tea brews to one of the team cooking breakfast. We don’t believe in unnecessary hierarchy: our culture is open, collaborative and built on talent and experience that spans the globe.
There is no need for you to use the office, flexible, agile working is good with us. Some of us prefer the office, some work from home and some of us have family commitments, so we work around these. As long as you can get the job done, we’re flexible.

A lot of companies say they are flexible. As champions of challenging the status quo, we walk the talk when it comes to supporting flexible work arrangements for our employees. We actively promote work/life balance and support flexible working in its many forms. We pride ourselves in allowing our employees to excel from hot desking to work closely with the people you maybe working on a project with the flexibility to work the hours that allows you to have a good balance between work, family and the rest of the important stuff in life. Holiday is there whenever you need it and there is no set allocation

Building your career
We want to stay on top of our game as the leading fire protection company in the UK. We’re always looking for ways to stay ahead of the competition and that’s not possible without having the best people working for us. Professional qualifications, apprenticeships, personal development we can find a solution for where you want your career to go. Internal promotions happen regularly too. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a step up. If you ever want to step sideways and try something new, go for it.

Embracing Diversity
Our success is underpinned by our culture and our core values of Fresh, Energetic, Passionate, Humble and Loyal. We believe that only when we create a diverse, inclusive environment can our people perform at their full potential. It enables us to provide diverse, fresh perspectives to our clients, be courageous in challenging the conventions of the way our systems work and to live and learn and be authentic in what we say and who we are.

Everyone at Harmony gets to choose their own vehicle too. Whether you want to take your parents out for a day at the weekends and need some extra seats or you want to head up to the hills for a bike ride so need a little extra space, choose your wheels to best suit you.

Harmony pays people very well compared to industry norms. It’s Harmony’s goal to get your compensation to be ‘correct’. Your salary is reviewed via quarterly peer reviews. The rating is based on the following four metrics.

  • Harmony Culture Contribution
  • Skill level/technical ability
  • Productivity/Output
  • Teamwork & Group Contribution
Working at Harmony


Learn and earn, whether this is your first step in the industry or a change in your career to follow your passion, an apprenticeship with us offers the perfect opportunity to earn while you learn.

Working alongside our diverse team you’ll be developed to shape your future and become a specialist in your field too. You’ll earn a nationally recognised qualification whilst building experience to become an effective member of our team and you will spend most of your time working, doing all the things you are learning, right away on the job.

Electrical Engineer at Harmony

Our People

Our people are at the heart of everything we do: we are one global team with a fearless sense of possibility and a depth of knowledge that gives us the freedom to challenge convention.

Working hand in hand from a project’s inception, our researchers, designers, and engineering professionals inspire each other to craft solutions to the unique challenges of today’s-built environment. We do not believe in unnecessary hierarchy: our culture is open, collaborative, and built on talent and experience that spans the globe.

To meet the needs of our clients and support our people to continue to grow and develop, investment in learning and development is an ongoing commitment from our leadership. This is enhanced by initiatives to engage with local communities, as well as opportunities to network externally and create relationships within the design and construction industry.

What our staff members say