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Social Housing properties have one thing in common – they are all different. So, if you oversee fire safety for a housing association, how can you make sure your residents and buildings are safe?

In this session we will demonstrate how we have adapted and innovated to become the experts in a full end to end solution for our clients, guaranteeing total fire protection through our fully comprehensive offer and dedicated expertise.

Topics we covered:

  • What can go wrong, and what does go wrong? The common pitfalls we face when tackling fire safety in housing
  • The benefits of having a clear, concise, agreed project plan upfront
  • How implementing a resident briefing process and communication is key to success
  • Busting myths and misconceptions on life safety and passive fire protection.
  • For this webinar, we have teamed up with one of our main partners, Hilti – successful partnerships are vital to ensuring fire safety. Lee Frost will be busting the myths and misconceptions in life safety and passive fire protection in housing.