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Our Corporate Social Responsibility

Harmony is committed to working not only with our customers but also with the communities they work in to help create sustainable and better environments. Whether that is creating a sustainable environment or improving the socio-economic value of that area.

Staff Volunteering

Through the Harmony Foundation we have a route to help the communities we work in from staff volunteering days to donations. We encourage our staff to not only volunteer but identify projects we can help with. To date we’ve assisted at a Food Bank during the Christmas period and installed a free CCTV system at a local football club that suffered from an act of vandalism.

Water for Kids

Harmony have committed to install two spring protection systems programmes in 2021. Which will provide a community with a clean water source to eliminate disease, gives children the opportunity to attend school and provide employment.

The problem

  • Currently in Uganda communities are collecting water from large dirty ponds supplied from a natural spring. These unprotected and polluted water sources are their only immediate sources.
  • Waterborne diseases are still the largest cause of infant death in Uganda. Not only this but, collecting water from the side of slippery banks results in many fatalities as children and adults, who are unable to swim, often fall in and drown.

The solution

  • The protected natural spring programme helps communities to build a dam at the natural water spring to protect and provide a continuous running source through a pipe
  • The programme and the money donated includes training for the local community so they can form a water committee on upkeep of the water source

The impact

  • Close access to safe water which is able to be collected in a safe environment for 400- 800 people. The most significant impact is that safe water saves lives
  • Reduces deaths caused by waterborne diseases and lowers medication needed for the community
  • Attendance in school averages 17% higher due to more children being able to attend

In 20 years Water for Kids have transformed the lives of over 390,000 people. They have provided water, sanitation and hygiene education to 154 communities in nine countries.

Plant a tree

As a company we been working on ways to minimise our environmental impact and benefit everyone. In 2021 we aim to create a more sustainable way of doing things and we plan to set up a plant a tree scheme to not only do our bit in tackling climate change but it’s great way for staff to get involved, be outdoors and improves our mental health.


Our investment into young people is second to none, we have developed a successful apprentice scheme that has seen many members flourish into senior members of the team. We like to give our staff the opportunity to shape their career as they want whether this is studying something new or giving them the opportunity to follow their dream even if that’s away from Harmony eventually.

Ethical Trading

We are committed to the welfare and wellbeing of all our staff and this branches out throughout our supply chain. We have a commitment to purchase from suppliers who share the same practices and policies that we apply. Our commitment to integrate our ethical policies are core in the business decisions we make.

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

Equality, diversity and inclusion is central to creating Harmony, we recognise the contribution of all our staff. We will be supportive, fair and free from discrimination this is core to us delivering the services in the sectors we work in where we must reflect our values in the areas we work.

Harmony supports Water for Kids