Fire Door Safety – Compliance Means Saving Lives

On the 22nd of September, we embraced Fire Door Safety Week with our very own webinar; Fire Door Safety – Compliance Means Saving Lives.

For this webinar, we teamed up with Curtis Hughes, Sales Consultant at Solidcor, Neil Smith, Technical & Compliance Associate Director, Rutland UK and one of our customers from Places for People, James Ashton, Fire Risk Assessor. All of the speakers did an incredible job and the webinar was engaging and informative.

In the session, our goal was to guide and educate our audience on how best to stay compliant when installing and maintaining their fire door safety. We covered a range of topics including:

  • The importance of qualified and compliant suppliers installing the whole system not just the door
  • Consequences of not being compliant
  • The Do’s and Don’ts for installing fire doors
  • Importance of ongoing maintenance
  • Your 5 point fire door safety check

We’d like to thank everyone who attended our webinar.  We had an excellent time and look forward to the next one!

If you missed our webinar, you can catch up here:

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