Why are framework arrangements becoming more popular, especially within the Public Sector? They can represent a ‘smarter’ way of purchasing. If you have limited resources, using a procurement framework can save significant time, money, whilst servicing a local requirement and accountable decision making when choosing the work.

When you select a procurement framework, you’re cutting out the high cost of running your own procurement exercise. You’re also gaining peace of mind with access to procurement knowledge from a team of technical experts. Framework procurement services are carefully designed to enable smarter buying and make contract management easier for their members. Find out more about the benefits of procuring through a framework in our Whitepaper – Fire Safety: How Buying From Frameworks Support the Public Sector Fire Safety Procurement Process.

Harmony belongs to the following frameworks.


Advantage South West Framework

  • Passive fire and fire doors

EEM Framework

  • Fire Safety Works (We have carried out all types of fire safety works including sprinklers through this framework)

NHS LBS Approved Framework Supplier

NHS SBS Hard Facilities

  • All aspects of HFM including fire safety project works

NHS SBS Soft Facilities

  • Consultancy

YPO Framework

  • Sprinkler Installation and FRA
  • Lot 10 – Supply and Installation of Fire Doors
  • Lot 11 – Fire Door Management

South East Consortium

  • Sprinklers Misting and External Cladding
  • Fire Consultancy

CHIC Framework

  • Fire Doors
  • Active Fire Protection
  • Access Systems & Security Systems including smoke ventilation
  • Fire Risk Assessments

Fusion 21 Framework

  • Fire suppression systems and associated works
  • Lot 8 Fire doors
  • Lot 9 Fire stopping
  • Lot 10 Electrical and Mechanical Servicing. England (ONLY LOT 10) Wales Scotland and Northern Ireland.

LHC Framework

  • Fire Door Supply and Installation


  • Passive fire