Harmony Fire team signing onto Hyde Group new Framework

Harmony Fire Awarded Places on Pretium Frameworks and Hyde Group’s New Building and Fire Safety Framework

A new £1.35bn framework has been launched, designed to support housing providers and other public sector organisations with delivering all aspects of building safety compliance.

Designed and procured jointly by the Hyde Group and Echelon Consultancy, the Building and Fire Safety framework will be managed by Pretium Frameworks on behalf of the Hyde Group. It emphasises delivering high-quality works and services, offering assurance through a competent and accredited supply chain.

Projects of all sizes can be delivered through the framework, from fireproofing to external wall works. There is also the capacity to support requirements such as building safety case reports and resident engagement strategies.

“Our first-generation framework was very much focused on fire safety. During the lifetime of that framework, the Building Safety Act came into being, providing an opportunity to reframe the new offer to build in additional works and services, supporting housing providers in all areas of building safety compliance,” explains Jessica John, Director of Framework Partnerships at Pretium Frameworks.

“The consequences of failing to deliver on building safety are extremely serious, and we are delighted to be able to provide an easy-to-use and flexible mechanism for housing providers to deliver vital building safety projects using a competent and accredited supply chain.”

Compliance and assurance are key, and all suppliers were subject to an intense evaluation process. For example, all fire door suppliers were required to produce the appropriate accreditation in person for inspection by a third-party consultant.

Liz Oliver, Hyde’s Safer Homes and Neighbourhoods Director, added: “Our customers’ safety is and has always been our top priority. We’re investing significantly in building and fire safety-related works and procured this framework to allow easier access to suppliers to deliver these works and services.

“The framework was set up with excellent partners and will be available for all public sector organisations to use. It was developed using expert specialist advice from the fire safety sector, and through this framework, we’re able to deliver quality services, making sure we manage and address building and fire safety issues accordingly and get better value for money.”

Harmony are proud to have places on Lot 3 (Fire Door Inspections), Lot 10 (Fire Safety Projects up to £2m) and Lot 11 (Fire Safety Projects over £1.5m).

The framework is open to any public sector organisation throughout the UK, and members of their supply chain, from housing providers and local authorities to NHS Hospital Trusts.

“It’s a privilege to have been awarded multiple places on The Hyde Group and Echelon Consultancy’s new Building and Fire Safety Framework managed by Pretium. With the new Building Safety Act’s inception and many new regulations coming into play, the need for compliant fire safety solutions has become more critical than ever. Frameworks such as this provide housing providers with a seamless procurement method that ensures third-party certification, speed, value for money and peace of mind, and we couldn’t be more delighted to be a part of it.” Hans Mitchell, Client Relations Director

If you want to learn more about the Building and Fire Safety framework, you can get in touch here.

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