Lewey House, London

Installation of BS9251 sprinkler system, vertical/horizontal dry risers and all electrical works in 24 storey social housing block which required essential resident liaison and working in occupied homes.

Design, installation and commissioning of the following systems:

  • Building Icon Social Housing
  • Sprinklers and Watermist Full BS9251 sprinkler system. Supply and installation of a full BS9251 sprinkler system.
  • Foam Deluge Vertical/Horizontal Risers.
  • Piping Pipe Work All Pipe Work.
  • Sprinklers and Watermist Pendock Boxing Icon Pendock Boxing
  • lightning Electrical Works All electrical works and booster set throughout the block.
  • Project/Contract Value £570,000
Lewey House
Lewey House Sprinkler Installation
Lewey House Pedock Boxing