Since our inception in 1976, Harmony has actively supported marine fire protection needs.

From drill heads to helidecks, the diverse range of risks and high fire load in offshore and marine environments requires unique solutions to reduce the risk of fire hazard. Harmony’s depth of fire engineering expertise enables us to partner with our clients to ensure compliance and life safety to reduce life cycle costs and maintenance loading in one of the world’s harshest natural environments.


Harmony is a leader in providing a complete life safety & asset integrity service to the oil and gas industry worldwide. We are passionately committed to protecting life, assets and the environment.

Harmony improves business operations in the oil and gas industries with innovative state-of-the-art fire detection and suppression solutions. We ensure the health and safety of employees and safeguard property from such risks as terrorist threats, while also cost-effectively addressing issues of compliance with government fire prevention standards and regulations, as well as industry codes.


Harmony engineering excellence is critical to the power generation industry. Our engineers use their knowledge to support a variety of generation types including Nuclear power plants, fossil fuel plants, gas turbines & renewable technologies.

With experience providing comprehensive fire protection solutions that spans forty years, Harmony are able to provide our unique end to end complete lifecycle methodology solutions to a wide range of power generation types.


Historic and cultural properties such as monuments, libraries, museums, and galleries pose significant challenges with respect to fire protection and life safety. Life safety is always the primary concern, however extremely valuable and sensitive property is also at risk from fire-related events. In many cases, the art collections, exhibits or building itself are the foundation of the institution’s existence and mission.

Harmony’s depth of building conservation and product knowledge is paramount to maintaining integrity of building fabric and minimising intervention in historic buildings and galleries.


Harmony supports fire protection and life safety for transportation facilities by helping operators of airports, rail and road vehicle facilities to ensure fire and life safety systems are designed properly to reduce the threat to life, property and the environment.

From airports to mass transit facilities and from aeroplane hangars to tunnels, our engineers and consultants understand the inherent safety and security challenges that are unique to design and construction in the transportation sector.


Harmony understands the needs of defence and military organisations; we apply in-depth expertise in a wide range of disciplines to address the fire and life safety challenges that are unique to each military asset and facility and ensure national resilience, operability and sustainability.

Harmony provides customized fire protection solutions for military vehicles from passive preventative design to explosion detection and extinguishing systems. Harmony utilises proven technology to ensure protection of the various critical parts of the vehicles from engine bays and crew compartments to wheels & fuel tanks.


Harmony has extensive experience providing fire protection engineering and continuity services for the design and renovation of telecommunications and data centres including secure and mission critical facilities for government entities and private sector clients. Harmony’s solutions optimize equipment protection and ensure operational resilience.


Harmony provide high quality solutions that meet current legislative requirements and insurer guidelines while protecting investment and profitability through operational resilience and cost efficiency programs.

Our industrial and manufacturing experience spans a wide range of industries including specialist sectors such as Microelectronics & Semiconductor, Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology, Vehicle Manufacturing and Ethanol Plants.


Harmony are experts within the government, education & healthcare industry and provide comprehensive assistance to all types of facilities in assessing and addressing their fire and life safety issues.

Harmony provides consulting, design, and engineering services to help address a wide range of fire protection and life safety issues including false alarm mitigation, operational resilience and emergency response planning.


Harmony provides fire protection and life safety engineering for hospitality and entertainment venues to meet aesthetic, functional, safety, and economic goals.

Harmony’s experience with navigating the fire, life safety, and accessibility challenges inherent in hospitality and entertainment venues is the key to getting projects completed on time and on budget, and to providing an appropriate level of safety for years to come.


As signature projects around the world grow in height and complexity, traditional methods of providing life safety must be supplemented with innovative approaches to unique challenges.

Harmony is a leading provider of fire protection engineering for commercial properties located all over the world. Our engineers and consultants have the skills and experience necessary to identify and solve the most challenging design problems for all types of facilities including multi-use, retail, office and architecturally unique buildings.

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