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Central & Local Governance

Harmony provides consulting, design, and engineering services to help address a wide range of fire protection and life safety issues including false alarm mitigation, operational resilience, and emergency response planning.
We always take into consideration the unique requirements of a building, its purpose, occupiers, residents, and contents. This allows us to generate bespoke fire protection packages that ensure the sites integrity, compliance, and the protection of its people.

Harmony works in partnership with our customers considering their budgetary requirements to provide a cost-effective solution while maintaining the highest levels of fire compliance.

We cover every aspect of fire and site safety including:

  • Passive and active fire safety systems
  • Compartmentation and Fire Stopping
  • Fire Door Installations
  • Smoke Ventilation and Detection Systems
  • Deluge Suppression and Critical Equipment Protection
  • CCTV
  • Fire Alarm Installation
  • Full Fire Risk Assessments

We work with you from consultation right through to servicing, this provides you with a bespoke solution and total peace of mind that your people, building and assets are safe.