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Hospitals and Private Healthcare

Hospital buildings come in a variety of types from layout to age. Fire and life protection on these sites provide challenges that require a specialist plan to ensure the building is safe and compliant. From busy A&E and connecting corridors to family zones and ultra-sterile laboratories, we have experience in every scenario.

We have extensive experience working in open hospitals and on sensitive wards and sites across multiple locations, keeping staff, patients, and equipment safe, while providing safety critical works.

Our bespoke compartmentation and fire stopping measures enable horizontal evacuations to take place, allowing the area where the fire is located to be contained. Busy corridors, beds and equipment being moved can also affect the compliance of your fire doors over time for example. We want to build a long-term relationship with you from scheduling regular inspection programmes, cataloguing findings in visual format and achieving compliance through prioritised maintenance strategies and budgets. We provide an end-to-end solution for your fire protection needs without compromising or disrupting patient care.

All Harmony employees, whether providing design and installation or service and maintenance, are sensitive to the specialist environment of a Healthcare organisation. We ensure that all staff are fully vetted and undertake appropriate risk assessments and customer care training to work around vulnerable people.

We cover every aspect of fire and site safety including:

  • Fire Door Installations
  • Passive and active fire safety systems
  • Compartmentation and Fire Stopping
  • Smoke Ventilation and Detection Systems
  • Fire Dampers & Smoke Ventilation
  • Deluge Suppression and Critical Equipment Protection
  • CCTV
  • Fire Alarm Installation
  • Full Fire Risk Assessments to identify any fire risks and hazards

We work with you from consultation right through to servicing, this provides you with a bespoke solution and total peace of mind that your people, building and assets are safe.