Cladding Replacement

Cladding has been widely used in construction for several years, specifically to multi dwelling properties and high-rise blocks of flats. We work with our clients to achieve compliance and remove risk of cladding areas.

We have extensive knowledge of working in high rise properties, we will ensure the cladding is fire rated and there is the correct working passive and active fire prevention systems in place. This will control the spread of fire and ensure the safety of the building occupants. We are specialist in cladding removal that does not meet the fire protection standards.

We can also install high rise fire rated decking which can be used in a huge range of applications and finishes. The non-combustible options we offer bring confidence and assurance, to help ensure fire protection is built into the installation.

Services offered by Harmony:

  • Cladding Survey
  • Cladding Removal
  • Cladding Installation
  • High Rise Fire Rated Decking


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