Fire Compartmentation Surveys

We offer a fully accredited inspection on fire stopping compartmentation whether its for a single building or numerous sites, our expert professionals can deliver detailed surveys anywhere.

We have multi-sector experience in delivering surveys in occupied buildings, providing detailed reports to help them make informed decisions. Our Fire compartmentation (fire stopping survey) will identify any risk and ensure your compartments are compliant with the Building Regulations and the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005.

We will identify fire compartment locations and any potential remedial works, look at the integrity of existing fire compartments and sub compartment walls, including fire doors. Common defects include simple penetrations, such as pipework entering or exiting a compartment with gaps, or inappropriate fire stopping, allowing smoke or fire to potentially pass from one compartment to another. Other defects include cabling, voids, ducts, or linear gaps where compartment lines do not fully encapsulate the compartment. These defects are either latent, from the original build, or imposed from subsequent works (such as M&E events). Both are re-iterating the need for regular inspection.

Fire compartmentation surveys