Fire Damper Surveys

Our fire damper surveys provide you with the first step in achieving fire damper compliance.

Where mechanical ventilation is installed in a building any air handling ductwork passing through these compartment walls must be fitted with fire or smoke dampers to ensure the fire source is stopped at the compartmentation wall. Dampers are found in Hospitals, Educational properties, Manufacturing Buildings, Power Generating Plant and almost any large building.

We will conduct a full survey to locate all fire and smoke dampers, if the dampers are often hidden from view and our expert teams have a range of specialist equipment available to allow us to view hard-to-reach areas. We will also identify any ducts passing through compartment or sub-compartment walls where dampers should be installed to contain the spread of fire or smoke.

We will identify

  • All fire and smoke dampers
  • All missing ducts without dampers
  • Any dampers that have not been maintained
  • Test that smoke and fire is effectively contained and cannot spread to safe compartment




Fire dampers