Fire Door Surveys

The frequent use of doors means they are a greater risk of damage, compromising the fire protection in your building. Regular surveys and remediation is vital, preventing the need for replacement doors and vitally to ensure your building remains compliant.

Our surveys are carried out in accordance to the BM Trada Q Mark Accreditation detailing a full photographic schedule of any defects found. Our expert fire door inspection our technicians inspect each component of the fire door assembly including:

  • Door leaf
  • Door frame
  • Door closer (self-closing devices)
  • Hinges
  • Intumescent door strip and cold smoke seals
  • Glazing (vision panels)
  • Locks and levers/handles
  • Fire safety signage
  • Hold open devices
  • Gaps around the doors and threshold gaps
  • Panic hardware devices for external final fire exit doors

Upon completion of fire door and final fire exit door inspections, a report is produced detailing the condition of each door and listing the areas of non-compliance, which in turn creates a register for future on-going inspection.

Fire door surveys