Foam Suppression Systems

Established as a true market leader, Harmony leads the way in the provision of Foam Deluge & Foam Suppression equipment. Intelligent Systems can prevent major disasters by bringing quick and highly effective suppression to volatile fuel and chemical fires.

Harmony offers a specialist solution, foam can be utilised in a wide range of fire types from fuel spillage to bund & tank protection. Foam extinguishing systems provide the ultimate protection to hele-decks and hangars, designed to the industry standards. Harmony systems will meet your insurance stipulations and deliver advanced fire stopping in these high-risk environments. Innovation in foam concentrates and automated monitor technology provide state of the art protection without compromising firefighter safety.

Harmony monitors can be controlled remotely through military inspired joystick controls allowing direction of the jet stream to be targeted for efficient hot spot and re-ignition knockdown.

Services offered by Harmony include:

  • Foam Deluge & Foam Suppression Equipment Design & Specification Advice
  • Foam Deluge & Foam Suppression Equipment Commissioning & Certification
  • Foam Deluge & Foam Suppression Equipment Maintenance & Service Contracts
  • New Installations, System Alterations & Retrofits
  • Foam Solution Supply, Testing & Certification
  • Remote System Monitoring & Emergency Callout
Foam suppression