Gas Suppression Systems

Gas Fire Suppression Systems are used to extinguish fires by releasing a concentration of gas within a particular room. Gas and Clean Agent suppression systems bring tangible protection to high-risk areas such as
archive storage rooms, antiques, jet engine test bays, plus any electrical equipment and server and computer rooms without the risk of collateral damage associated with other suppression systems such as sprinklers, water mist and foam suppression systems.

Utilising a broad range of suppressive solutions our systems can be adapted to address a broad scope of high-risk environments, where operation resilience is critical and system redundancy is unthinkable. From jet engine test bays to data centres, Harmony offers the highest level of safety and reassurance to any organisation. Harmony is a world leader in the development of bespoke suppression solutions continually improving our products though innovation with new technology such as Harmony Remote & Harmony Flow.

Harmony Remote – Remote is a revolutionary monitoring technology developed to enable the remote monitoring of Gas & Clean Agent suppression systems giving continual awareness of system status allowing immediate rectification of faults and giving increased assurance of system readiness.

Harmony Flow – Flow is a unique pressure regulation system which greatly reduces room overpressure by regulating discharge speed and reduces pressurisation issues associated with discharge of Gas Suppression Systems.

Services offered by Harmony include:

  • Suppression Design Advice
  • Gas & Clean Agent Specification Advice
  • Suppression Equipment Maintenance & Service Contracts
  • New Installations, System Alterations & Retrofits
  • Hydrostatic Cylinder Testing & Service Exchange Cylinders
  • Remote System Monitoring & Emergency Callout
  • Room Integrity Testing & Sealing Works
Gas suppression