Kitchen Suppression

Proven across the world in the commercial kitchen environment, Harmony kitchen suppression systems protect life and property from the volatile dangers of cooking fires. Developed for the commercial kitchen environment, Harmony kitchen suppression systems will quickly extinguish flammable liquid fires preserving life and equipment. With little clear up requirements, kitchens can quickly be returned to use and protection reinstated.

As a global leader in flammable oil & grease fire protection Harmony constantly redefine fire suppression solutions from residential hob tops to commercial kitchens and ovens, innovations such as Harmony Erigon and Harmony Wellar delivery greater protection and reduce downtime.

Harmony Erigon – A highly discreet suppression system Erigon is designed for ease of compatibility with residential extraction units and used in places where commercial suppression systems would be unsightly. Compact and versatile these units deliver exceptional protection for kitchens in multiple occupancy houses & serviced apartments.

Harmony Wellar – Utilising state of the art technology Wellar is a water-based oxygen starvation system delivering high density atomised water to the heart of the fire depriving it of oxygen and rapidly extinguishing the fire.

Services offered by Harmony include:

  •  Suppression Design & Specification Advice
  • Suppression System Commissioning & Certification
  • Suppression Equipment Maintenance & Service Contracts
  • New Installations, System Alterations & Retrofits
  • Remote System Monitoring & Emergency Callout
Kitchen Suppression