Room Integrity Testing

Our Room Integrity specialist will carry out a test to examine how long fire suppressant agents take to descend to a set level without releasing the gas itself. A retention rate of at least 10 minutes is required for a pass. This time period is considered enough to allow deep-seated fires to be cooled beyond re-ignition levels and allow the emergency services to attend site.

Any gas fire suppression system that protects an enclosure should have a room integrity test when it is commissioned. It is a  legal requirement that a room integrity test is conducted on initial installation and thereafter annually. A test should also be performed if any modifications to the room take place.

Should the room fail the test our expert engineers will provide a full report and provide a bespoke room sealing service. Our engineers will locate and seal the leak.

A typical server room takes around 1.5-2 hours to complete. There is minimal disruption and IT servers and networks can continue to function as normal. If there is air conditioning and cooling fitted, any supply or extract ducts will require temporary sealing or closure. Where a site has fire suppression covering several rooms, each room will require integrity testing.

Room integrity testing