Smart Evacuation System

In emergency situations, it is often the swift and decisive actions that make the difference between a successful, orderly evacuation and unsafe conditions that can leave employees injured or trapped.

This is where the Harmony Smart Evacuation solution integrated into your existing alarm system, can be of assistance. The IoT (Internet of Things) enabled evacuation system can track employee movements during an emergency, automatically count those who have reached the designated muster or assembly point and show overall time since alert, including a timestamp on total evacuation duration.

Features & Benefits

  • Know who is left in building/at risk real time
  • Individually trigger audible/visual alert to person/s at risk
  • Automatically triage in order of priority on simple colour coded tally
  • Print reports for emergency services and management to review and improve post event
  • Reduce risk of someone left in building unaware
  • More coordinated and efficient evacuation including phased evacuations
  • Protection of life

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