Sprinklers & Water Mist Suppression

Established as a true market leader, Harmony leads the way in the provision of fire sprinklers and water mist suppression equipment to all sectors of industry. From deluge systems to high pressure water mist, Harmony’s water suppression solutions deliver cost efficient protection and a large degree of customisation to enable protection of a wide range of fire risks from narrow aisle warehouses, offices and manufacturing plants to hotels and hospitals.

An automatic sprinkler system is designed to detect a fire and extinguish it with water in its early stages enabling greater chance of escape and minimised property damage. Harmony manufactures a complete range of sprinkler systems including high pressure cylinders, mains water supply, tank fed and Harmony Wellar Atomised Water technology.

Harmony Wellar Atomised Water System is designed to detect a fire in its early stages and extinguish it with atomised water particles. The water absorbs huge amounts of energy turning into water vapour, displacing the oxygen surrounding the flames and rapidly cooling the fire.

Sprinker systems have an established track record in reducing death, injury, fire and business continuity losses. According to the British Automatic Fire Sprinkler Association, losses from fires in buildings protected with sprinklers are estimated to be 1/10 of those in unprotected buildings.

In buildings fully protected by sprinklers:

  •  99 per cent of fires were controlled by sprinklers alone
  • 60 per cent of fires were controlled by the spray from no more than 4 sprinklers.

Services offered by Harmony include:

  • Sprinkler & Mist System Design & Specification Advice
  • Sprinkler & Mist System Commissioning & Certification
  • Sprinkler & Mist System Maintenance & Service Contracts
  • New Installations System Alterations & Retrofits
  • Remote System Monitoring & Emergency Callout
  • Unique Online Harmony Cloud Service Interface
  • Ongoing maintenance
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