Wincanton Town FC CCTV Install

Harmony comes to the rescue of Wincanton Town FC

A local football club Wincanton Town FC suffered a shocking act of vandalism and we wanted to help. Vandals poured paint over the newly painted seats, fencing was pulled down, advertising boards ripped, generator doors torn off and electrical wires cut. This was after club players and volunteers spent the summer making improvements to the facilities.
After a chat with Wincanton Town FC manager Chris Wise we offered to donate a CCTV system in the main stand. Harmony staff volunteered over several weekends to carry out the work which involved digging a 400m long trench for cabling from the changing rooms to the main stand. An excavator hire was kindly provided by Bradfords Building Supplies to assist with the trench digging.
Dan Rowlandson, Marketing Manager commented, ‘We heard of the vandalism through one of our members of staff Bartek who represents the club and we thought it was something we’d like to see how we can help. After a conversation with the clubs manager Chris we donated £1000 pounds worth of CCTV equipment and installation. As a company Harmony is keen to work with our local community and the communities, we work in to help them thrive. We’d like to wish all the teams at Wincanton Town FC the best of luck for the rest of the season.

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