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The Harmony Foundation is focused on inspiring new generations, fostering our values, supporting communities and improving social mobility. We welcome groups and individuals to get in contact with us for funding and grants of all sorts. It's our vehicle for driving our Corporate Social Responsibility plan.

What we’ve done and what’s to come!

EAQ Manor Farm

EAQ Manor Farm fits perfectly with the charity’s ethos. EAQ is an outdoor and equine-assisted learning centre set in 12 acres of beautiful Somerset countryside. Welcoming those of all ages seeking acceptance, connection and nurture, personal growth, and recovery. Post COVID centres like these are important to help getting people back out there in the world that is ever so slightly different from the normal.

With a small but perfectly formed team managing the upkeep of the farm, running day to day sessions, and giving the animals much needed attention Harmony Foundation reached out to the farm to see if they needed any help with getting a few jobs ticked off the list.

The team headed on down with wet gear on and were split into 2 safe groups of 6. Digging beds, planting new trees, painting the indoor arena and making a start on the ‘Garden of the Future’ were the jobs the team threw themselves into.

Water for Kids

Harmony have committed to install two spring protection systems programmes in 2021. Which will provide a community with a clean water source to eliminate disease, gives children the opportunity to attend school and provide employment.

We will help two communities in the rural area of the Igana District. The Busakira Community of 751 people, who’s current water source is 2km away and the Wainha Community of 460 people, currently their only water source is a dirty pond around 500m away.

The problem

  • Currently in Uganda communities are collecting water from large dirty ponds supplied from a natural spring. These unprotected and polluted water sources are their only immediate sources.
  • Waterborne diseases are still the largest cause of infant death in Uganda. Not only this but, collecting water from the side of slippery banks results in many fatalities as children and adults, who are unable to swim, often fall in and drown.

The solution

  • The protected natural spring programme helps communities to build a dam at the natural water spring to protect and provide a continuous running source through a pipe
  • The programme and the money donated includes training for the local community so they can form a water committee on upkeep of the water source

The impact

  • Close access to safe water which is able to be collected in a safe environment for 400- 800 people. The most significant impact is that safe water saves lives
  • Reduces deaths caused by waterborne diseases and lowers medication needed for the community
  • Attendance in school averages 17% higher due to more children being able to attend

In 20 years Water for Kids have transformed the lives of over 390,000 people. They have provided water, sanitation and hygiene education to 154 communities in nine countries.

Taunton Foodbank

Harmony we wanted to ensure we were giving back to our local community and approached Taunton Foodbank to offer help and support throughout December. The foodbank came back with open arms – due to COVID-19 many of their volunteers were shielding and not able to get to the busy supermarkets where the overflowing food donation baskets needed collecting and delivering back to the warehouse ready for distribution.

The team stepped up to the challenge – every Wednesday throughout December Harmony are donating a team of 2 with a van to go out to 4 major supermarkets around Taunton to do just that.

From holding an event, to working on a project, to purchasing equipment/funding to help with education. To find out more about the funding contact us today.

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