Harmony delivers world leading fire detection solutions for the whole scope of commercial properties and specialist fire risks. Using sophisticated Harmony detection technology, our detection solutions offer an unprecedented level of reassurance and enhanced false alarm resilience.

A relentless desire for innovation drives our company’s product development programme; we are continuously exploring new technologies that help us deliver leading-edge fire detection solutions.


Utilising total flooding solutions Harmony’s gas & chemical suppression systems bring superior levels of protection to a wide range of high risk environments where operation resilience is critical and system redundancy is unthinkable. From jet engine test bays to data centres, Harmony gas suppression systems offers the highest levels of safety and reassurance to any organisation.


Developed for the commercial kitchen environment, Harmony kitchen suppression systems will quickly extinguish flammable liquid fires preserving life and equipment. With little clear up requirements, kitchens can quickly be returned to use and protection reinstated.


From deluge systems to high pressure water mist, Harmony’s water suppression solutions delivers cost efficient protection and a large degree of customisation to enable protection of a wide range of fire risks from offices complexes to narrow aisle warehouses.


Harmony object protection systems are a compact suppression solution designed for the protection of high value items such as CNC machinery and electrical cabinets, these affordable solutions enable cost effective protection of key assets bringing greater safety within reach of most organisations.


Harmony foam suppression systems protect high value assets from the risks of fuel and flammable liquid fires, from aircraft hangars to petrochemical plants, foam deluge systems bring quick suppression to address the volatile nature of flammable liquid fires.


Harmony’s advanced detection solution utilises high sensitivity smoke detection to give pre-emptive advanced notification in high risk environments. Constantly sampling the air, the systems highly sensitive detection sensors can alert owners and occupants before combustion even takes place. Compatible with a wide scope of Harmony suppression systems, coupled together these solutions will extinguish a fire before its inception.


Explosive environments bring huge challenges to life safety with highly volatile material and numerous possible ignition sources these environments require the highest levels of preventative solutions and in the worst case, the ultimate suppression systems to enable quick control of the situation and minimise blast damage. Harmony’s explosion protection systems utilise intelligent venting solutions and XE rated components to bring greater protection to life and property.


Leading research across a wide spectrum of passive fire solutions from preventative design to enhanced material resistance, Harmony delivers advanced passive fire technologies to a wide range of organisations. Fire system resilience utilising advanced MICC cabling technologies and twin skin insulated componentry ensures accurate zone identification and reporting for over three hours in temperatures up to 1200 degrees Celsius.


Harmony’s smoke control solutions bring advanced levels of smoke control within reach of a whole scope of organisations, from intelligent smoke mapping software through to positive pressure ventilation systems; Harmony’s breadth of innovative products enables accurate and intelligent smoke control systems to be implemented to suit a wide spectrum of risks.


Constantly developing, Harmony firefighting solutions brings advanced research knowledge to the forefront of firefighting technology from intelligent fire retardant clothing to advanced fixed and portable fire extinguishing equipment. Harmony delivers the highest levels of firefighter protection and operational resilience through rigorous product development and extensive training solutions.


Utilising the highest quality gas sensory technology to bring advanced gas detection solutions to industrial applications across a complete spectrum of industries from offshore environments to underground mines. Harmony gas detection systems enable early notification and remediation giving reassurance to users and enabling safe evacuation and emergency procedure implementation.


Developed in partnership with leading data centre providers to ensure the earliest warning of water or moisture ingress critical for the survivability of hardware in the datacentre environment.

These intelligent detection systems bring greater protection to a whole scope of moisture vulnerable electrical assets.

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