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  • Fire doors.
  • Fire stopping.
  • Fire door surveys.
  • Fire & smoke dampers.

Senior Team For This Contract


Anthony Pycraft

Head of Building Fabric

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Lee Goodenough

Head of Pre-Construction


Alex Goodall

Pre-Construction Manager


Braden Taylor

Project Manager


Ashleigh Callow

Senior Resident Liaison Officer


Simon Bourne

Senior Estimator


Having initially won the prestigious contract in 2017, Harmony have had the pleasure of working with Anchor for seven years. The project encompasses Fire Doors and Remedials, Fire Stopping Works, and Fire and Smoke Damper Installations. Despite facing significant challenges over the years, including working within live care home environments and navigating through the COVID-19 pandemic, We have continued to successfully execute the project while ensuring minimal disruption and prioritising the safety of residents and staff.


Working within a live care home environment presents one of the most significant challenges for any contractor. The need to minimise disruption to residents and support staff while carrying out essential fire protection works requires meticulous planning and effective communication. Additionally, the COVID-19 pandemic further compounded the challenges, necessitating strict adherence to safety protocols to protect the vulnerable population.


Harmony’s commitment to safety and compliance is exemplified by its participation in the BM TRADA accredited partners scheme, providing assurance to clients regarding the correct installation and performance of fire doors. To address the challenges posed by working in live environments, we established a dedicated in-house Resident Liaison team. This team proactively communicate with on-site managers and residents, pre-booking works and providing clear communication paths to alleviate concerns and minimise disruptions.
Moreover, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Harmony prioritised the safety of both its staff and the vulnerable population by ensuring all personnel were equipped with the necessary knowledge and personal protective equipment (PPE). Stringent adherence to COVID regulations was maintained throughout the pandemic to mitigate the risk of transmission and protect residents and staff alike.


Harmony’s proactive approach to addressing challenges in live site construction has resulted in the successful execution of many projects while maintaining safety and compliance. We are proud to be the fire safety provider for Anchor and look forward to continuing our partnership.

Client Spotlight

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Social Value

As part of our ongoing commitment to our clients and the communities we work in, we have had the pleasure of facilitating multiple social value projects with Anchor. This has included community enhancement projects and improving resident overall safety by supplying and installing new key safe locks across an entire scheme.

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