Edinburgh City Council

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Edinburgh City Council


  • Scotland, United Kingdom.


  • Fire Door Installations.
  • Passive Fire Safety Surveys.

Senior Team For This Contract


Amos Thomas

Partnership Director


Anthony Pycraft

Head Of Building Fabric

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Lee Goodenough

Head Of Pre-Construction


Alex Goodall

Pre-Construction Manger

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Jack Haining

Project Manager

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Tom Powell

Site Supervisor

Initial Phase:

The project began as an introduction to Harmony for the community, allowing us to establish trust and credibility. Our skilled delivery team embarked on the installation of 130 fire doors across the entire city, prioritising properties on a no-access list and void properties. This included addressing emergency situations such as doors that had suffered forced entry.


During the initial phase, we identified several challenges:

  1. Logistical Complexity: Working across the entire city presented logistical challenges, necessitating careful planning and coordination.
  2. Historic No-Access List: Dealing with a legacy list of properties with restricted access added complexity to the project.
  3. Engagement Issues: Some residents needed to be engaged and made aware of the fire safety measures being implemented.


Harmony Fire implemented strategic solutions to overcome these challenges:

  1. Dedicated Resident Liaison: A dedicated team was assigned to liaise with residents, booking appointments, addressing concerns and fostering engagement throughout the project.
  2. Multifaceted Communication: Utilising various communication channels such as letter drops, phone calls, and face-to-face interactions, we effectively communicated with residents, explaining the project’s purpose and scope.
  3. Transparent Communication with Edinburgh City Council: Clear and consistent communication channels were established with Edinburgh City Council, allowing us to ensure alignment and provide regular updates on project progress.
  4. Adaptation of Resident Liaison Process: In order to overcome the challenge of no access, we created a bespoke resident liaison process to meet the specific needs and preferences of Edinburgh City Council residents, enhancing cooperation and understanding.

Resident Testimonial:

“Logan has done a fantastic job on-site. He was well-mannered, respectful, and a joy to be around. When he saw another resident struggling to use their lock, Logan took the time to walk him through it and make sure he was comfortable using his new door before leaving the site. “

Looking Ahead:

Phase 2 of the project entails planned works across four high-rise blocks, where Harmony Fire will continue to install fire doors and carry out fire stopping measure. By extending our expertise to these high-rise properties, Harmony Fire aims to further enhance fire safety standards within the Edinburgh community and continue to be a reliable partner in ensuring the safety and well-being of Edinburgh City Council residents.

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