Berneslai Homes in Partnership With Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council

Berneslai Homes in Partnership With Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council


  • Barnsley, United Kingdom


  • Category 2 and 3 Sprinkler Design, Installation and Commission
  • Consultative Service
  • External Plant Design and Installation
  • Upgraded Specification from BS 9251:2014 to BS 9251:2021
  • Additional Passive Fire Door Programme

Senior Team For This Project

Matt Ford

Matt Ford

Head of M&E and Service

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Lee Goodenough

Head of Pre-Construction

Giles Holley

Giles Holley

Partnerships Director

Bartek Trojanowski

Bartek Trojanowski

Senior M&E Estimator

Sam Agoro

Samuel Agoro

Pre-Construction Design Manager

Laurence Mepham

Laurence Mepham

Project Manager

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Matt Morris

Senior Site Supervisor


Renowned for our dedication to quality and compliance, Harmony embarked on a fire sprinkler project with Berneslai Homes and Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council that required innovative solutions and meticulous planning. This case study delves into how we tackled difficulties in accessing residents, managed a live site environment, and successfully executed a fire door remediation plan, all while maintaining exemplary customer relations.


The project encountered difficulty due to limited access with residents living within the building. This necessitated a comprehensive resident liaison strategy to ensure minimal disruption and maximum cooperation during the construction phase.


We recognised the importance of fostering strong communication and collaboration with residents to address their concerns and maintain a positive environment. By establishing an in-depth resident liaison program, the team proactively engaged with residents, promptly addressing their queries and concerns. Regular meetings and updates were conducted to inform residents about the project’s progress and address any issues immediately.

Furthermore, our Pre-Construction department played a pivotal role in laying the groundwork for success. This phase ensured a dedicated focus on designs, clear establishment of delivery schedules for the team, and provided consultative services for any additional requirements. This proactive approach helped in establishing a solid foundation for the project, garnering appreciation from the customer for Harmony’s attention to detail and commitment to excellence.


Initially tasked with securing sprinkler works, the scope was expanded to include a fire door remediation plan. This expansion demonstrated our multifaceted capabilities and commitment to ensuring compliance throughout the entirety of the buildings we work in.


To execute the fire door remediation plan efficiently, we upscaled our resources using our in-house, BM Trada-accredited carpenters. This strategic decision not only ensured high-quality workmanship but also enabled the project to run smoothly and in line with the established schedule. By leveraging skilled professionals and adhering to industry standards, Harmony demonstrated our ability to adapt and excel in challenging circumstances.

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