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Notting Hill Genesis


  • London, United Kingdom.


  • Fire Door Installations.
  • Passive Fire Safety Surveys.

Senior Team For This Contract


Anthony Pycraft

Head of Building Fabric


Lee Goodenough

Head of Pre-Construction


Braden Taylor

Project Manager


Brad Mitchell

Pre-Construction Manager

Callum Gee

Callum Gee

Senior Estimator

Nea Graziano

Nea Graziano

Resident Liaison Officer


As a prominent provider of housing solutions in the London area, Notting Hill Genesis (NHG) provides services to households in almost 61,000 homes across every London borough. Around two in every 100 Londoners live in a Notting Hill Genesis home.

Project Overview:

Harmony were instructed to carry out fire door installations within multiple NHG properties. This included a range of tenures, including general needs, sheltered living, assisted living, etc. Harmony collaborated closely with NHG to develop a comprehensive program of works aligned with the identified door installations.

Project Execution:

As an ongoing contract, we have a dedicated project team equipped with local site supervisors, working foremen, and site operatives to execute the project efficiently. All installations must be fully certified under a third-party accreditation and are done so under Harmony’s BM Trada accreditation. 

Harmony also took full responsibility for managing resident liaison throughout the project lifecycle. This was completed by Harmony’s dedicated Resident Liaison Officer, who made face-to-face visits, letters, texts, and emails to gain the residents’ agreement and acknowledgement of the appointment. This has been crucial to the success and timely delivery of this contract. Successfully demonstrating competence and capability on this contract has since led Harmony to secure further works with NHG, such as fire stopping and compartmentation works, as part of their FRA Remedial Programme.

Key Achievements:

  1. Timely Delivery: Harmony demonstrated competence and capability in executing the project, leading to the successful and timely delivery of fire door installations.
  2. Exceptional Performance: Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) were established at the outset of the contract, with a focus on resident satisfaction levels and site completion rates. Harmony consistently exceeded expectations, achieving a resident satisfaction level of 97.1% and a 100% pass rate for completed sites during client handover.
  3. Positive Testimonial: The Harmony-NHG partnership garnered high praise, with NHG’s Contracts Manager commending Harmony’s on-site team, “I find the Harmony Fire on-site team a joy to work with. I would definitely recommend them for future projects, and I would like to get them involved on some other fire-related works as well as fire doors.”



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