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  • Nationwide.


  • Sprinkler systems.
  • Fire detection and alarms.
  • Fire safety surveys.
  • Fire door surveys.
  • Fire door and fire curtain installations.
  • Fire stopping.
  • Fire dampers.
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Senior Team For This Project

Matt Ford

Matt Ford

Head of M&E and Service

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Lee Goodenough

Head of Pre-Construction

Giles Holley

Giles Holley

Partnerships Director

Antony Reed (4)

Yarl Thomas

Pre-Construction Manager

Cameron Markham

Cameron Markham

Contracts Manager

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Jack Haining

Project Manager

Laurence Mepham

Laurence Mepham

Project Manager (M&E)

Molly Thatcher

Molly Thatcher

Assistant Service Pre-Construction Manager


Established in 1965, Places for People is one of the UK’s largest property (and leisure) management, development, and regeneration companies. Comprised of over 6 companies, the Places for People Group currently manages more than 72,621 homes.

Harmony Fire began service delivery for Places for People within their ongoing Fire Safety Works Contract. We were initially awarded four sites through a public tender and delivered fire safety programs to Chandos Rise, Lewey House, St Anne’s Court, and Wyvern House, efficiently managing multiple sites concurrently. 


Places for People were impressed by Harmony’s reliability, responsiveness and dedication to safe service provision. Throughout the contract, we identified further fire safety hazards (e.g. compartmentation breaches) in addition to contracted works, communicated risks to Places for People, and collaborated with them to carry out holistic remedial works. 

Harmony’s flexibility, problem-solving abilities, and willingness to communicate with Clients and residents have resulted in Harmony Fire developing a strong professional relationship with Places for People. As a result, we continue to deliver fire safety works for Places for People and are recognised as a trusted, reliable, and proficient provider. 

Within this contract, we have delivered both Fire Safety/Prevention and Compartmentation programs, with completed works including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Installing, servicing and maintaining sprinkler systems (including developing bespoke solutions to overcome challenging circumstances).
  • Fire alarm system replacements.
  • Fire safety surveys.
  • Door surveys, fire door and fire curtain installations, fire stopping.
  • Dampers.



Upon contract award, we began our initial design phase. During this process, we collaborated closely with Places for People, ensuring their involvement and satisfaction with our designs. Following design approval, our Management Team arranged site set-up, ensuring that proactive, forward planning guaranteed that all containers, welfare, materials, and site operatives would be available upon project commencement. This included our Project Administrators contacting our suppliers and ensuring material orders and deliveries were arranged. Harmony is committed to using high-quality materials and delivering work consistently and on schedule. 

Establishing contact with residents, informing them of work, and arranging appointments ahead of time is vital to increasing our property access rates and maximising resident satisfaction. Before works, our Resident Liaison Team acquired contact details of residents occupying the site’s buildings and sent introductory letters explaining the need for, nature of, and projected dates of works. They then contacted residents to organise bookings for works inside individual properties. Signage was placed around the site and within properties (entrances, lifts) to remind residents of the scheduled works. Signage was available in multiple languages, increasing accessibility to those for whom English is not their first language, and large print was used to accommodate those with visual impairments. 


By setting completion targets and monitoring progress towards them through simPRO, we ensured works were running to schedule. Within simPRO, we recorded vital tasks to be completed, including key personnel responsible for achieving/ overseeing them and target dates for completion. This allowed tasks to be monitored against targets, with the ability to identify delays or problems quickly. 


Harmony values regular open communication with our clients, ensuring all work is completed according to their specific requirements. As a result, throughout our contract delivery, we have maintained strong communication links with People for Places, providing progress updates (e.g. through meetings with Project Managers/ progress reports sent via email by Project Admins) and work completed, ensuring transparency and instilling confidence throughout. 


Ensuring that our Clients and residents are satisfied with our work, including our Operatives’ manner and professionalism, is a priority. We actively seek feedback to improve the experiences of Clients and residents continuously. Positive feedback from Places for People evidences our professional quality and effective Client and Resident communication.

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