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Why Are Dry & Wet Risers Important?

Dry and wet risers are essential components of fire protection systems in buildings. They serve as crucial conduits for delivering water to upper floors in a fire emergency. 

Dry risers remain empty when not in use, requiring firefighters to connect hoses at ground level to pump water up to higher levels. Conversely, wet risers are permanently charged with water, ready for immediate use, offering a more rapid response in fire suppression efforts. 

Both dry and wet risers are integral to effective firefighting strategies, ensuring that water can reach all areas of a building efficiently, thus enhancing the safety of occupants and minimising property damage. In order to maintain compliance, all dry and wet risers should be installed under BS 9990.


Fire hydrants serve as critical access points for firefighters to secure a water supply during emergencies. We can assist you with the design, installation, testing and maintenance of fire hydrants. Get in touch today and connect with one of our experts.

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