Fire Risk Assessment (FRA)

Our team of fire protection experts are on hand to conduct a detailed and thorough fire risk assessment (FRA) on your property, determining any potential fire hazards and providing recommendations to enhance fire safety measures where needed.

Building safety act 2

A Legal Requirement

It’s important to remember that FRAs are not just recommended; they are a legal requirement. If you are in charge of a building, whether as an employer, owner, or occupier of premises other than a ‘single private dwelling’ (private home), it’s vital to have a fire risk assessment (FRA) conducted by a qualified professional.

Offering Immediate Security & Sustained Peace of Mind

Opting for Harmony Fire to manage your FRA is the first critical step towards becoming fully compliant with fire safety regulations. Our assessment reports are designed to be thorough, informative, and easily understood,  with each client receiving a detailed report tailored to their specific building.

This report not only will identify essential remedial work that needs to be implemented, but also the provision of precise cost estimations, and effective long-term solutions to keep your property portfolio safe and compliant. 

Fire Compartmentation Penatration

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If you would like to discuss your fire risk assessment programme or any fire safety projects, you can connect with one of our skilled team today.

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