Fire & Smoke Dampers

We offer a complete fire and smoke damper service. From survey and design to installation and maintenance, our skilled engineers are on hand every step of the way.

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What Are Fire & Smoke Dampers?

Fire and smoke dampers are fundamental elements within building ventilation systems, designed to enhance fire safety by restricting the spread of flames and smoke through ductwork and ventilation pathways. 

These specialised devices automatically activate in response to the presence of fire or smoke, effectively compartmentalising affected areas and preventing the further propagation of fire and hazardous gases throughout a building. 

By swiftly closing off ventilation passages, fire and smoke dampers help contain the spread of flames and smoke, enabling occupants to evacuate safely and aiding firefighting efforts. With their crucial role in mitigating the impact of fires, fire and smoke dampers are integral components of modern building infrastructure, prioritising the protection of lives and property.

Our Fire & Smoke Damper Services Include:

  • Fire & smoke damper installation.
  • Fire & smoke damper surveys.
  • Fire & smoke damper testing.
  • Fire & smoke damper remedial works and cleaning.
  • Annual damper testing (as per legal requirements BS 9999).
Large metal air duct and fire damper.

Our Certifications

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