Fire Stopping & Compartmentation

Our skilled fire protection experts can ensure that your building has adequate fire stopping and compartmentation by completing a full audit and, where required, undertaking remedial works.


What is Fire Stopping?

Fire stopping and fire compartmentation are critical to building safety.

As per Approved Document B, fire stopping is “a seal provided to close an imperfection of fit, or design tolerance between elements or component, to restrict the passage of fire and smoke.”

What is Compartmentation?

On the other hand, compartmentation is the process of dividing a structure into ‘compartments’ for effective risk management. Each compartment is reinforced by fire-resistant materials (fire stopping) or by installing measures such as fire doors or cavity barriers.


Specialist Solutions

Our Fire Stopping & Compartmentation services include:

  • A comprehensive visual inspection of the existing fire compartmentation provisions.
  • An assessment of the condition of compartmentation and subsequent defects and any site-specific fire strategy information made available.
  • Review of fire doors and installation of replacement fire doors if required.
  • Fire Stopping.
  • Fire Compartmentation.

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