Sprinkler Systems

Our dedicated team of designers and engineers can provide you with a high-quality, compliant system designed and installed in line with BS 9251:2021.

What is a Sprinkler System?

A sprinkler system is a fire fighting device that is installed in buildings as a preventative measure.

Sprinklers react to heat. When the temperature within a room reaches 60°C-70°C, the sprinkler will activate by releasing water across the room and suppressing the fire.

Sprinklers and other Automatic Fire Suppression Systems (AFSS) can save lives, buildings and business assets. They protect people from fire and the damages it can cause, and, most importantly, they give people a greater chance of evacuating. 

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Our Sprinkler Services Include:

  • Sprinkler system design & specification advice.
  • Sprinkler system commissioning & certification.
  • Sprinkler system maintenance & service contracts.
  • New installations, system alterations & retrofits.
  • Remote system monitoring & emergency callout.

Project Spotlight: The City of London Corporation

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Our Sprinkler Certifications – LPS 1301

LPCB provides an accreditation program tailored for residential sprinkler installers. Developed collaboratively by a panel of experts comprising installers, local government representatives, and insurers, LPS 1301 establishes stringent criteria for approving Sprinkler Installers in the UK and Ireland for Residential and Domestic Sprinkler Systems. 

Under this framework, we are tasked with overseeing every aspect of the sprinkler system’s implementation, ensuring its suitability for the premises’ specific occupancy or hazard class. 

This comprehensive scheme offers assurance that sprinkler systems will function effectively in a fire, regardless of whether the installation and supply of piping and hanging materials are handled by third parties.

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