Dry & Wet Risers & Hydrants

We have vast experience in installing both dry and wet riser systems. Dry risers are a requirement of building regulations in occupied buildings over 18m tall. They can also be found in environments with limited access or with compartmentation issues such as multi-level basements or hospital corridors.

Our systems consists of a network of pipes that allow water to be delivered to the upper floors of a building in the event of fire. It comprises of an inlet at ground level that can be accessed by the fire brigade to pump water up into the building to outlets situated on the landings of each floor. This allows a firefighter to attach their hose to any one of these outlets and source pressurised water to set about extinguishing the fire.

Our wet riser systems are similar in design to dry risers and can usually be found in buildings over 50m tall. Unlike the dry riser system, it is kept constantly charged with water, in order that it can provide the same level of protection against a fire in the upper reaches of taller properties as on the lower floors. The wet riser system is charged with water from a pressurised supply, which is often pumped from a storage tank.

Fire hydrants are located on large sites such as hospitals, military sites, and industrial estates. We can assist you with the design, installation, testing and maintenance of the fire hydrants.

We have an excellent reputation for installing and servicing to ensure your dry and wet riser systems remain safe and compliant at all times from high rise social blocks to hospitals.

Services offered by Harmony include:

  • Dry and Wet Riser Installation
  • Dry and Wet Riser Servicing
  • Dry and Wet Riser Maintenance and Remedial Repairs
Dry and wet risers and hydrants