Fire Stopping/Compartmentation

Fire compartmentation is critical to building safety, Harmony provide a wide range of specialist solutions to ensure compartmentation is maintained and where inadequate additional compartments are introduced to ensure safety of building users.

We cover technical expertise in addressing challenging locations and applications and using our depth of knowledge to identify solutions and provide engineering judgements to overcome challenging applications.

We can ensure that your building has adequate compartmentation by completing a full audit and where required undertake remedial works including:

  • A comprehensive visual inspection of the existing fire compartmentation provisions; which includes floors, walls,  roof voids, basements, floor and ceiling voids, risers and shafts where present.
  • An assessment of the condition of compartmentation and subsequent defects and any site-specific fire strategy information made available.
  • Review of fire doors and installation of replacement fire doors if required.
  • Fire Stopping
  • Fire compartmentation
Fire compartmentation